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A Guide to 3-Point Slingers For Cameras

A Guide to 3-Point Slingers For Cameras


The 3-point slinger makes it appear to have become a particular style of camera strap—something that crosses over one shoulder, extends across most of the body, as well as fastens to something like an additional object in particular with respect to just that camera, usually positioned closer to the base of such an object like a tripod, where a particular tripod plate would typically go. Any other individual can carry their cameras without ever using their hands by using a 3-point camera sling, freeing up their hands for activities like trying to ride a bike as well as operating equipment.

Francis Cade as well as numerous popular You Tubers has indeed been spotted cycling with such a 3-point sling camera firmly fastened onto their backs. Furthermore, because of its padded, satisfying grip, it serves as a practical method for transporting larger cameras.

The 3-point shooter might as well have been swung around to face you while shooting and capturing anything difficult. The camera can now also occasionally be raised toward your face. By inserting a 3/4″ screw into that same hole on a regular basis to securely attach a tripod base plate, a 3-point slinger has been frequently attached towards the bottom of objects, including cameras.

Best 3 slinger camera maker:


If 3-point sling camera straps seem more appealing to your needs than conventional shoulder straps, there seem to be a variety of BlackRapid models from which you can choose. Three-point sling camera straps are indeed a favorite among photographers of extreme sports.

The main advantage is that the camera slides up the sling higher than the other or equally close to your face, while the pad stays on your shoulder. Those who have been referred to and by BlackRapid merely as “camera slings,” as well as the company, characterize them as being one of the most well-liked, comfortable camera straps out there in the profession.

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Three different types of BlackRapid 3-point slingers for cameras are available:

  • BlackRapid Breathe Sport
  • BlackRapid Curve Breathe
  • BlackRapid Double Breathe

What is the best 3-slinger camera in a cheap and affordable price?

There appear to be two 3-slinger cameras available for a reasonable price. Many professional camera users use these because they are more convenient for them. Here would be a list of both:

  • Waka Rapid
  • Altura photo camera strap
  • Waka Rapid

If you simply cannot afford the BlackRapid 3-point slinger’s price with camera alternatives, this Waka Rapid seems to be the greatest alternative. This one also provides excellent value for money, in addition to being a small percentage of the price of the aforementioned camera straps.
Using a front quick-adjustment pull clasp, you can quickly shorten and lengthen the camera straps. Storage pocket, largely on or around the pad, is suitable for carrying memory cards as well as a rechargeable battery pack, as well as two.

The pad includes padding, which prevents slipping as well, comparable to the BlackRapid straps.
The thousands of reviews, the majority of which have been positive, have everything to do with its unreasonably low price; somehow, this 3-point slinger for camera strap is worth your hard earned money.

  • Altura photo camera strap:

Altura may very well have won many prizes for their excellent camera slings that continued to be affordable. They are indeed the businesses that deliver the highest 3-point shooters to fans as well as professionals alike while also still trying to give the impression that their products are inexpensive as well as accessible.

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The Altura shoulder strap also has a useful compartment as well as a storage pouch with much of what appears to be a zipped pocket for keeping extra memory cards, batteries, and gum. Furthermore, there seems to be some sort of anti-slip cushioning somewhere under the main shoulder pad, which is important to make sure that no matter how you move, the strap as well as your camera stay firmly held in place.

It appears that individuals are able to communicate with those around them fairly affordably with more than just the Altura. Rock climbing, cycling, as well as occasionally even brisk walking seem to have been things I’ve been doing while looking at the camera in what seems like a 3-point sling.

How to Use a 3 Point Slinger for a Camera:

That same camera can quickly and easily attach a 3-point slinger to it, allowing everyone to stack one on top of the other. The approach is the same whether you’re a single-shoulder or dual camera slinger like seasoned motion picture photographer John. 

  1. Put the strap’s padding on or around the non dominant shoulder, as well as crossing it over your head.
  2. The base attachment ought to have been fitted further into the bottom of the camera.
  3. Once the clasp has been secured behind your shoulder, adjust the strap until it has reached a snug yet comfortable length.
  4. If necessary, lengthen its main strap.
  5. If your camera seems to have an additional safety strap, adjust it to the carabiner as well as perhaps a different loop.

Benefits of using a 3-slinger camera:

I’ve been using the exact same 3-point slinger to carry my camera around there for years. The following are the most significant advantages of someone using a 3-point camera slinger:

  1. Quick action:
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Everything has simply shifted over your body as you raise your camera.

  • Avoids obstructing your path:

When we tighten your camera’s strap, anyone can carry it all on their back.

  • Your hands seem to really be free:

As a result, the 3-point slinger is ideal for tasks that necessitate the use of one’s hands.

  • Bottom attachment makes sense:

Therefore, as you grab your camera, you turn your camera to face you.

  • Suitable for heavier loads

Excellent for cameras with large interchangeable lenses.

  • Safety

When carried from beneath a jacket, your lenses and camera will be protected from drops and grab-and-run robberies.