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Student Visa For Canada

A Guide To Getting A Student Visa For Canada

Every year the vibrant culture and high-quality education system of Canada invites thousands of students from all over the world to apply to  Universities in Canada. However, acquiring a Student Visa needs some prerequisites. This article gives you a brief insight into the same. 

What is a Student Visa?

A student visa is a permit or authorization that allows students from across the world to study in the country of their choice for a certain time. For example, a student may apply for a student visa for Canada if they wish to study at a Canadian University. Students can also get employment and work part-time to cover their expenses. However, for holding a full-time employment status, a work visa for Canada will be required.

The following pointers may help when applying for a Canadian Student Visa

1. Get your acceptance letter from a Canadian University

A Student Visa application to Canada will require an acceptance letter from the University you intend to study as proof of your reason for staying in the country. Post receiving the acceptance letter, you can proceed with your application for a student visa. 

2. Check your Eligibility for a Canadian Student Visa

The following points must be studied beforehand to ensure you are eligible to apply for a student visa and the application process is carried out smoothly. 

a. The candidate must be enrolled and accepted in an educational institute in Canada.

b. The applicant must have sufficient funds to pay for the tuition fee at the institution and afford the living expenses in Canada.

c. The candidate should not have any criminal record and should furnish a clearance certificate from the police to prove the same.

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d. If applicable, the candidate must produce a medical certificate to prove their wellbeing and declare any underlying medical conditions.

e. The applicants must inform the authorities that they will depart as soon as the visa expires. 

3. Document requirements for Student Visa for Canada

The following is a list of documents that need to be furnished to the authorities while applying for a student visa in Canada.

a. The student permit application form that is duly filled with the necessary details

b. Original letter of acceptance from the University

c. Except for Residents of the USA,  applicants must furnish their valid passports and other travel documents.

d. Self-attested photographs of the applicant

e. Proof of sufficient financial support and to pay the tuition fees as well as living expenses in Canada

f. A statement of intent to stay in Canada is to be provided to the authorities.

g. Proof of payment of study permit fees

4. Language Requirements

If the applicant comes from an English-speaking country, they need not take English language tests. However, for other applicants, proof of English proficiency must be given by taking accepted language tests such as IELTS Academic, TOEFL, etc.

5. Policy regarding Dependents

Applicants for student visas in Canada can bring along their dependents such as spouses and children for their study period. Moreover, the candidate’s spouse will be allowed to work full-time in the country without a work visa Canada

The Canadian authorities have made the application process for candidates easy and quick. Now, several thousand people are aspiring to study in Canada, and the authorities put in their best efforts to make the process convenient. It is important to stay updated with their regulations and requirements to ensure a hassle-free and quick issuance of student visas for Canada.

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