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Benelli TRK 502X 2023

Benelli TRK 502X 2023 Specifications, Price and Features in Pakistan


The purpose of this blog is to tell you all about the bike Benelli TRK 502X specifications and prices in Pakistan. Benelli make alliances with Buraq Automobiles Qianjiang Motor Company in 2016 and start its distribution of bikes in Pakistan.

Benelli has launched various bikes in Pakistan and TRK 502X is of the motorbike which is introduced by Benelli. The bike has a 500cc engine with a great fuel tank capacity of 20L.

Benelli TRK 502X in Pakistan

Benelli TRK 502X is a good displacement road endurance motorcycle. The TRK 502X was introduced in 2016 globally wide. Like the other bikes of Benelli, this bike also has a great exterior and interior with the powerful engine. There is an update in this bike in 2021 through which the exterior and engine of this bike are improved.

In the EICMA show, Benelli introduces their New Year model of TRK 502X. In the new edition of TRK 502X, there are some subtle visual changes while the others remain mechanically unchanged.

The 500cc twin-cylinder engine makes 46.8bhp and 46 Nm and comes with a five-speed gearbox. If we talk about the company then Benelli is the most famous and popular company in the market and no doubt they are a great company for bikes in the market. There are so many people that are using this bike on the straight roads.

The bike is represented in the market in various and different colors. There are handsome graphics on the fuel tank which increase the beauty of the bike. There is reason why most people are using this has a stunning outlook. If we talk about the motorcycle price in Pakistan then I will mention the price below in this blog and the bike price is really expensive.

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Specifications of Benelli TRK 502X in Pakistan

Engine: The engine of the bike is V2 Four-stroke

Displacement: The displacement of the bike is 500c

Valve Train: DOHC

Frame: The frame of TRK 502X is Trestle steel tubes and plates

Clutch: Multi-plate wet clutch

Transmission: There is a 6-speed Transmission of this bike

Horsepower: The bike will give a power of 47.5 HP at 8500 RPM

Torque: The torque of the bike is 46 Nm at 6000 RPM

Cooling System: The bike has a liquid-cooled cooling system

Starting: Electric-start

Top speed: Benelli TRK 502X will give 150 Km/h maximum speed.

Fuel Tank Capacity: There is a great 20L fuel tank capacity this bike has

Mileage Average: The bike will give a 20 km/L average

Ignition Type: TLI

Seat Height: TRK 502X seat height is 860mm

Compression Ratio: 11.5:1

Wheels size: 17 inches

Front Tires: 110-110

Back tires: 150-17

Benelli TRK 502X Features:

The bike has the great features of electric self-start and simple kick. There is a chain final drive and multi-plate clutch in this bike. If we talk about the front exterior then there is a telescopic forks suspension and the rear has telescopic coil spring oil-damped suspension. There is lightweight exhaust in the bike. The purpose of the exhaust is to minimize the noise and maximize the power of the bike.

Design of Benelli TRK 502X 2023:

The bike has an eye-catching design with great sharp strokes. There is a new handle in the facelift which is adjusted on the basis of driver choice. The handlebar has a new backlit switchgear and the new design of the rear-view mirror. If you want to know about auction sheet verification then we’re here for your help.

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The clutch in the bike is also adjusted for the rider’s comfort. There is a large headlight which helps the rider to ride the bike easily at the night. Overall the design of the bike and its look is luxurious and handsome.

 Benelli TRK 502X Colors:

Benelli TRK 502X has four different colors which are

Red, Grey, White, and Black.

Price of TRK 502X 2023 in Pakistan

The price of the Benelli TRK 502X is so expensive in the market. The bike is available at 22, 25,000 in the Pakistan market. You can purchase this bike as a used bike. I know most people can’t afford this price so they can buy this bike in used condition.


The focus of the article is totally on the TRK 502X 2023 bike in Pakistan. In this article, I covered the overall specifications, prices, and features of this motorbike. I hope this blog is useful for you before going to buy this bike.