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Cartoon Sonic Very Easy Drawing For Kids

Cartoon Sonic Very Easy Drawing For Kids

Very Easy Drawing For Kids is quite easy to follow. Starting with a pencil sketch, draw Sonic the Hedgehog. Very Easy Drawing For Kids Do not apply excessive pressure at first. When sketching, use swift, light strokes.


  • Drawing Sonic the Hedgehog begins with a circle positioned to the left of the page. This will be Sonic the Hedgehog’s head’s basic form.


  • Draw two crossing lines 2 that bend to the shape of the sphere, one vertical and one horizontal. On the circle, place the horizontal line low and the vertical line nearly at the left edge. Using these construction lines, you can position Sonic the Hedgehog’s features later.


  • Next, draw two triangles for Sonic the Hedgehog’s ears on top of the character. Draw the right triangle inside his head and the left triangle on the upper left side of his head.


  • Draw a wavy line that starts at the left ear, curves down toward the horizontal construction line, curves back up toward the right ear, and then dips down and rests on top of the horizontal construction line to represent the guide for Sonic the Hedgehog’s eyes. When finished, the shape will resemble an S turned sideways.


  • Place a tilted oval representing Sonic the Hedgehog’s nose close to the intersection of the two construction lines. Make the nose longer than the perimeter of the main circle.


  • Create a backward C-shaped curve underneath the wavy line of his eyes to create a cheek line in step 6. Draw a tilted letter D shape for Sonic the Hedgehog’s mouth to the left of this line.
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  • Draw three triangles to use as basic guides for the spikes on the back of Sonic the Hedgehog’s head. One spike should be drawn on the right side of his head, just grazing the right ear’s tip. The middle spike should be drawn with a small downward slant, and the last spike should also point downward and hit the bottom of his cheek line.


  • The basic design for Sonic, the Hedgehog from the Sega video games, is complete. Now that you have the basic outline of Sonic the Hedgehog refine your drawing. Starting now, sharpen your pencil more firmly to produce darker lines and a more distinct sketch.


  • As it approaches Sonic the Hedgehog’s face, the nose will constrict and become skinnier. Create a tiny oval inside of it to represent glare.


  • Draw in Sonic’s snout using the horizontal construction line and the contour of his head as references. It resembles a hot dog almost exactly.


  • Curve Sonic the Hedgehog’s mouth more and add a chuckle line to tighten it. Draw two curves within his mouth: one for the tongue and one for the teeth.


  • Add a second line in the middle to resemble Sonic the Hedgehog’s furrowed brow and darken the wavy line that forms his eyes. Create a broad curve to reflect the rest of Sonic’s brow above each of his eyes. Create the curve on the left, so it slightly deviates from the main circle.


  • Close the main circle underneath Sonic the Hedgehog’s left brow to complete painting his eyes. Draw three long, interlocking ovals on the right sides of his eyes, with the central one being shaded in. His irises, pupils, and glare will be like this. The left eye will have a significant chunk of its surface covered by Sonic’s brow.
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