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Go Beyond The Basics: Advanced Tips for Incredible Whiteboard Animations

Going through reels all day and swapping the tabs has become an everyday ritual for everyone. However, we often come across sponsored ads that are more captivating than the reels themselves. If not, you’ve searched for a complex topic to understand on YouTube, because that’s a better option than long lectures at school.

The first video you might have tapped on would have been whiteboard animations. It might have reminded you of old-school days, but nothing could save you from last-minute learning other than custom whiteboard videos.

With people simplifying complex concepts into easy ideas with whiteboard animations, many businesses have also incorporated the idea to increase their brand awareness. However, to create a captivating and flawless video, there are many things to consider. Don’t worry; this blog will guide you to the end.

What is Whiteboard Animation? 

Do you remember how teachers used to write lectures on the whiteboard with a marker to make us understand them? Whiteboard animations are the same in the digital world. Whiteboard animation refers to a video that appears to have been drawn by hand on a whiteboard.

The video is based on the narrative style that guides the viewer from one point to another in an orderly sequence. These are simple yet captivating types of animations that are frequently used in the professional and academic arenas for their ease of understanding and eye-catching ability.

Pre-Production Considerations For Whiteboard Animations

You simply can’t design a whiteboard animation without having a grip on the idea you want it to be based on. The process of design comes later; the pre-production considerations are significant in ideally designing custom whiteboard videos.

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Firstly, it is important to keep your target audience in mind. Whether it is an educational video or your brand animation, specify your audience so you can narrate the story that aligns with them well. Secondly, you need to specify the flow of your video by determining what ideas you need to cover. Be precise and have an idea that can win others over.

Finally, the script must have a story-telling ability that captures the audience’s attention. Your script is the embodiment of your concept. Thus, make it stand out to begin your journey in production.

Creative Storytelling in Your Whiteboard Animations 

The power of storytelling is undeniable. Even if it is brief and straightforward, how you present it through animations has a significant impact on your viewers. Your animations are nothing without a story; thus, you must master the art of storytelling. If you’re creating it for your brand, you must include everything your customer has requested.

Try to incorporate their queries and questions into the video and answer them appropriately within your story. It will help keep them interested throughout and increase their enthusiasm. Create a story that will directly hit your audience, engage them, and eventually win their attention. 

Expert Tips For Ideal Whiteboard Animations 

Now that you know a lot about whiteboard videos, you must know how to add an extra hit of glam and quality with some essential tips in hand. Don’t get confused; you don’t need to look elsewhere; we have some for you in our hands.

1. Create relatable characters.

You now know how important your story is. Likewise, the characters are the heart of any script. Your characters must be related to the specifics of your target market for your audience to connect with them. It will make your video easy to understand, catchy, and easy to retain.

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2. The drawing hand

The entire idea of whiteboard animation is based on hand drawing the characters and composing the story. No matter how you add your taste to all the aspects of the video, one thing you can’t simply alter is the drawing hand. It is the core of the whiteboard videos and needs to be well incorporated.

3. Add emotions 

You are not designing and making efforts for Google, but for humans. Knowing that humans are influenced by emotions, your video must appropriately entail them. Emotions following the message will keep the audience engaged. It may eventually influence people’s decision-making in your favor. Add elements that will entice them and bring their memories to life, and eventually, you will make greater connections with them.


In a digitally evolving world, animations are making their way into almost every field. As a result, we’ve become aware of the need for whiteboard annotations. Many businesses have leaned towards the idea but lack the tips that will lead them to perfection. However, to address the issue, we have gathered some of the most amazing ideas and fundamentals to help you go beyond the basics and excel in the arts of design, animation, and brand building, which will propel you to success in no time.