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Hire Corporate photographers in Abu Dhabi for Product Shot

You know that to sell your creations on the web, the quality of the photos of your products is essential. It is your images that will arouse the consumer’s interest in learning more about your product, or not. Grafdom is the best company for providing Corporate Photographers in Abu Dhabi. To what extent can a photography professional help you showcase your creations? I return in this article to the benefits of using a product photographer to enhance your articles.


As you can already imagine, a Corporate Photographers in Abu Dhabi specializes in highlighting various objects (decorative items, food or care products, etc.). Just like in other fields (artistic and otherwise), photography encompasses many specialties, such as portrait photography, landscape photography, animal photography, or even wedding photography. For my part, I am more particularly an expert in product photography, portraits and branding. The product photographer’s mission is to reveal the essence, value and/or history of the objects that he captures in his images of him.

To determine the best approach, it considers both the needs and wishes of the creative company, the target audience of the article, the distribution media and, of course, fits the overall photographic universe of the brand. Through his images, viewers learn about a product they often don’t have physical access to. The art of the professional photographer is then to involve the spectator’s gaze in his staging, so that he projects himself and imagines himself possessing the object.


Get an Expert for Shot

The professional photographer is a true collaborator who can help you organize your shooting session. Are you hesitating between doing a pack shot session (photo on a white background), a studio staging or even a situation for your products?  Thanks to his expert eye, he can advise you on the most suitable artistic approach for the photo shoot of your products, based on their nature, your desires and your brand identity.

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In fact, his skills do not stop at the correct setting of the camera or the management of the light, but also concern the entire artistic direction of the session, from the accessories to the creation of the visual effects (use of water, management of the backlight, etc.) that will sublimate your objects.

To carry out this collaboration it is therefore important that you inform him before the product photo shoot, so that he has all the necessary elements. During your discussion, she will be able to answer your questions, set up the session with you and list all the necessary items and accessories. Take the opportunity to send him your mood board (if applicable), so that he fully understands the mood you want to bring to the photographs.

Capture Quality Images

This reasoning will seem logical to you, yet it is an essential point. It is essential that the photos you publish are of high quality, because they reflect the image of your brand in the eyes of consumers. By using a professional photographer, you ensure that you receive high-quality photos that will grab the attention of your viewers.

The photographer’s work doesn’t stop at the shooting session, because he also takes care of all the retouching management. During post-production, he fine-tunes the framing, color or even brightness of the photos to reveal their full potential. He then provides you with the photographs in formats adapted to the different means of transmission, be it your website, your social networks or even the press.

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Reveal Your Brand Identity Through your Products

Behind the product, it is your company’s personality that is exposed. In fact, the consumer associates the universe of the image with the identity of the brand itself. Generate an emotion in him. This is why the photographic universe of your products must be connected with the personality and values of your brand.

The role of the professional photographer is to fully take possession of this universe to transcribe it and continue to develop it in each image he captures.

Mandatory to Use a Product Photographer

Obviously not! You can take the photographs of your products yourself, either with a camera or a smartphone. So, in fact, it will take you longer and the result may not live up to your expectations from the first shot. However, I assure you, you can easily further your knowledge and mastery of photography. By training and photographing your products, over and over again, to hone your look and gradually develop your personal touch.

There are many resources at your disposal to help you gain knowledge about your camera setup, light management, composition or even retouching. My blog provides many tips on this topic to make your product shooting sessions.

To save time and not get lost too much, you can also take a dedicated training course. It will take you step by step to help you understand the world of product photography. You will be able to appropriate these techniques, to enhance your products, visually tell their story, and thus capture the attention of your customers with authenticity. I’ve also created my own Star Product Photo Training, to help you photograph your own creations.

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Hire a Product Photographer

To photograph your items, you can either hire a product photographer or take the images yourself. The professional will bring you his expert eye to sublimate your creations and will provide you with quality photos that will enhance your article and the professional image of your brand.

However, you can perfectly photograph your products by yourself. To develop your perspective and your experience, I encourage you to read specialized articles, train and above all to dare, start over and experiment. You will gradually find the approach that best fits your brand image.

To learn product photography quickly and easily, I have created a dedicated training course. If you are interested, I invite you to join the waiting list to find out more. If you prefer to delegate the photography to a professional, you can contact me directly.