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How To Fix The Tire Pressure Light

How To Fix The Tire Pressure Light

The TPMS (service tire pressure monitoring system) is a very important feature of a car and you need to keep checking if that is working properly. And to fill the right amount of air in the tire you can get a car tyre inflator and car foot pump at the best prices on carorbis.

You should never ignore your tire pressure light

The tire pressure lights indicate that one or more tire is low in air pressure. The drop in the air pressure below the recommended levels is definitely not a good indicator and you should immediately consider that and work on it, so you do not face any trouble driving. Keeping a check on dashboard lights is always very crucial and here we are specifically addressing the” low tire pressure lights”.

Maintaining the proper PSI for the tire is so very important and you should immediately fill the air in the tires so to get it back to the normal PSI. however, some people ignore this low tire pressure warning because the tire is not flat yet. They wait for the tire to go flat and then address the problem.

Why should not ignore the tire pressure lights:

#1- when your tire is having low air pressure then it is underinflated and, in this case, the tire is more likely to get flat or even blow out. This situation can become dangerous for the passengers as an accident may occur and also for the nearby cars if you are moving at high speed and end up in a collision.

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#2- if the PSI level of your tire is not up to the mark, as per the recommended levels, then the tire can wear out faster and will be uneven. When the pressure in the tire is low then more of the surface of the tire touches the road, which is slowly flattening and uneven distribution. In such a situation, balance is more likely to go and this can turn out to be a big expense for you as you may need to change the tire completely.

#3- the fuel efficiency also gets affected if your tire is running low on air pressure. The more correct will be the PSI the more efficient of fuel. So ignoring of tire pressure light on the dashboard can turn out to be disastrous, as well as a high expense if not paid attention timely.

How to reset your tire pressure light

Once you are done adding the correct amount of air to the tires, the light on the dashboard should turn off. But if the light is still on, then you can reset it by following certain steps

# drive between 40-50 mph for a short period, this may signal the tire sensors and the car should rest the tire pressure light, it should be turned off the next time you turn on the car.

# hold the TPMS reset button until the light blinks three times and then release it, this may reset the tire pressure light. Remember to do this when the car is turned off and the key should be turned “on”.

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# simply allow the sensors to rest as you start the car and run it for about half an hour. This automatically sends signals and will reset the tire pressure light and it will go off after some time. Have patience!

What does a flashing tire pressure light signify?

This is normal if your TPMS light is blinking when you started the car right after filling the right air pressure as per the recommended PSI in the tire and then turns off after some time of running the vehicle on road. But if the TPMS light is still on, then you need to pay attention as then there is a problem with the tire sensors and the car now needs service. So go and get maintenance done for your car if such a situation takes place.

Have the right PSI for your tires

Keep in mind that your car tire should be inflated too much or too low, it should be in the right amount. Getting the tire pressure maxed out for optimal performance is a foolish thing to do. In cold weather, the tire pressure can get low, and in warm weather, the tire pressure may go high. It is simply because cold contracts and warm expand.

Adding too much air in the tire means a lot of wear and tear on the rubber of the tire which reduces its lifespan. And vice versa when too little air in the flats can lead to the flattening of tires. So the right optimum amount of PSI is required.

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What if the tire pressure light remains on?

In such a case after trying out all the possible techniques, if the air pressure of the tire is correct but the light is still on, then the tire sensor and sensor battery may not be working and you need to get your car dropped off at the service center to fix the issue.