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Importance of Learning Road Safety for Toddlers

Road safety has become crucial and a crucial component of training our children after we lost our cherished pet Max in the street in front of our front door and then moved across the country and into a more urban neighborhood.
However, it can be challenging to be a calm parent when it comes to children who might dart into the street. Educating road safety to toddlers and preschoolers helps them learn to be more observant and equips them with fundamental safety knowledge and real life understanding of the rules of the road.
Road safety is one of the most crucial ideas we can teach kids. By aiding them in developing skills, knowledge, and behavior related to the safe use of roads, young children can lower their risk of suffering a serious accident due to road safety awareness. One fun way to make your kid aware of the road safety is brining him/her to an indoor playground in Singapore that teaches road safety rules.

Road Safety Standards and Regulations for Children: Their Significance

Children lack the maturity to know what to do and what not to do when crossing roadways, in contrast to adults. Children can put themselves in danger if they are not properly supervised by an adult and are not aware of the regulations of the road.
Recent data indicated that minors made up 3% of those killed in traffic accidents. In the same year, statistics also indicate that around 500 children were injured daily as a result of traffic accidents. Perhaps more alarming is the fact that 200 of the 4500 pedestrians killed in traffic accidents were children.

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What Is Included in Road Safety?

The usage of various road safety products is one of the strategies and tactics used to establish road safety. It is important to teach children about road safety in schools so they can recognize safe situations, evaluate dangers on sidewalks and roads, and engage in responsible behavior while traveling to and from school.

Road Safety for Children Under Four

Always keep an eye on children when there is traffic.
• When you are near autos, hold your child’s hand. Describe the value of holding hands to your youngster.
• Have a conversation with your youngster about the traffic situation.
• Always set an example for your children by wearing a seatbelt, abiding by traffic laws, being a courteous driver, and crossing streets safely.
• Help your youngster select secure areas for play.
• Enquire about the program’s inclusion of road safety teaching in your child’s early childhood programming.

• Describe your strategy for crossing the street jointly. Include your child in determining whether it is safe to cross the street; even though you will still make the final decision, you will be teaching them how to make decisions in a busy area.
• Look other drivers in the eye, especially at junctions.
• Keep driveways and play areas apart.

Road Safety Rules for Preschoolers and Toddlers

An indoor playground in Singapore can help your toddler educate about these road safety rules:

Stop, Look, and Then Cross

Your youngster might need to walk back and forth from the bus stop or school. After the school bus drops them off, they might only need to cross the street. Even so, they might need to cross the street to reach a friend’s or a neighbor’s home. In any event, you need to teach your children how to cross the street safely. Here is how you may aid their education.
Always keep an eye out for signals and cross at the crosswalk. What you should do in the absence of such markers is as follows:
• To check for incoming vehicles, look to your right, then to your left, then back to your right.
• If so, wait for the car to pass before crossing the street.
• Don’t cross at curves.
• Never cross in front of parked cars.

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Never Sneak Up Behind Someone as They Leave the House

I’m scared about this one. It does, in fact. the possibility that a kid could follow me outside after I get in the car and get hit without my immediate knowledge. Back-overs are a real thing, and I want my child to understand that they should be avoided.
Hence, it is a rule that is frequently highlighted in our home and, in my opinion, is not taught to kids enough. Our daughter is not allowed to leave our front patio, much alone descend the steps or go alone on the pavement.

Run Off the Roads

Toddlers could lack patience sometimes and have a tendency to cross the street quickly in order to get to the other side.
They might play while running along the street in your area. Never let your children run across or along the road, say to them. Youngsters are easily distracted and may run or sprint away from their guardian.

When Crossing the Street And The Parking Lot, You Must Hold Hands

A child might tumble at any time. We actually changed this rule to “you must be holding hands with an adult” because my kid likes to tell me that she is holding her own hand.

Cognitive Development and Road Safety

• Eager to discover their environment and satisfy their curiosity

• Still need to comprehend what “danger” is and how to be safe.
• They are still refining their ability to understand what moving vehicles’ distance and speed mean.
• A novice driver who is susceptible to confusion when abrupt changes in the traffic situation occur.
• Although they might be quite focused on what is essential to them, they are frequently quickly sidetracked.

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The Bottom Line

To maintain the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, it is crucial to practice road safety. In reality, as traffic grows, kids are given more freedom to commute to and from school on their own as they get older, and students start spending more time socializing outside the home with friends, it becomes more and more crucial every year.
So, what’s more fun than making your toddler learn about the road safety rules in an indoor playground in Singapore like Tayo Station! Schedule a trip to Tayo Station today.