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Here is a detailed guide to Picuki

Picuki is a website that allows users to browse Instagram without logging in.

This can be useful if you are doing market research and want to search results by location or hashtag and then save your ideas.

Additionally, Picuki will show you the profile of anyone who isn’t set to private and you can view and save their stories.

Picuki lets you see the full captions below each post without scrolling down.Picuki.com is a site that grants you to modify and see Instagram photos. You can see and modify Instagram profiles, stories, fans, posts, marks and regions absolutely free for boundless time.

You can in like manner check your or your associates’ posts, their enthusiasts and the profiles of people they follow. You can similarly scrutinise any Instagram hashtag, view incredible Instagram profile pictures, for instance You can #happy or really investigate inclinations and comments on any post. Take advantage of Picuki.com and share it with your buddies on casual associations.

Pcookie Instagram application can be utilised to secretly conceal your number one individual without knowing and viewing Instagram. It likewise permits clients to alter their photographs web based, adding contrast, variety, brilliance, picture trimming and impacts. You can do anything you desire and download the photograph and afterward re-transfer it from your record with new hashtags to acquire notoriety.

How might I get Picuki?

You can utilise Picuki on your PC by visiting the site or downloading the application variant.

The application is right now just accessible on the Google Play Store

How to use Picuki?

There are several ways to view other people’s Instagram profiles and posts using cookies, and one of the most used and intuitive is to search for Instagram usernames.

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You can also try searching for your guy using his name or hashtags, but his Instagram username works best for exact matches, so get that first.

For demo purposes, in the tutorial below, I’ll take a look at the Instagram profile and posts of model and Instagram fitness phenomenon Daisy Ketch.

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Go to Picuki

Launch a web browser app on your computer or mobile device and visit Picuki’s official website: https://www.picuki.com/

Copy and paste the usernames of the people whose Instagram profile you want to view into the Picuki search box.

Find Instagram usernames in Picuki

Press Enter on your keyboard and start searching for Picuki. As you can see, there can be many similar usernames, so be sure to choose the exact same username that should be submitted first.

Check out Pakuki’s Instagram profile

Now we have it! Daisy Catch’s Instagram profile and recent posts are on display for our review. Scroll down and hit Upload More to see more posts.

Edit or download an Instagram post in Picuki.

Tap any of your posts from Picuki’s Instagram profile screen and tap the Edit or Download button to edit the posted image (for your own protection, such as resizing an Instagram video) or the posted photo/video.

Instagram anonymous story viewer

You can likewise see Instagram Stories namelessly with Picuki. This is an extraordinary device to see the Instagram accounts of individuals you care about without them knowing.


Cookie allows you to see private Instagram stories posted on any open record without enlisting or signing into an Instagram account. You can likewise download stories from the stage or utilise the Snap Cylinder photograph download included

Might I at any point see the Instagram accounts of clients who obstructed me? Indeed, to see accounts of individuals who have obstructed you secretly, simply give a connection to the profile of the individual you need to see.

How to Anonymously view and download instagram stories:

1. Open the site and snap on “View Stories”.

2. Type the username of the record you are searching for in the pursuit box and snap on it.

3. Picuki will then list the most recent and past Instagram stories for that record.

4. Download and save to your PC or cell phone.

Is Pakuki unknown?

Indeed, it is unknown; You can see photographs and stories suddenly or let anybody know what your identity is. Any client can utilise it, as it is grown totally namelessly and there are no limitations or limitations on its utilisation.

As you most likely are aware, Cookie is totally unknown. All your data is secured, from your profile picture to your username. You can peruse or see Instagram without a record. This is significant assuming you are worried about your security.

Is Picuki safe?

There are generally inquiries in client’s psyche whether Picuki Instagram is legitimate and ok for site guests. This site contains no contact data, for example, email locations or contact structures. It was intended to be totally unknown so anybody can utilise it unafraid of being distinguished. Nonetheless, it ought not be relied upon to store delicate data, for example, your name, address, contact data and charge card data. A few interlopers can block such data and take it whenever they get an opportunity.

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Is Picuki Instagram Free?

Indeed, you can look through any profile on the site and there is no related instalment framework. Picuki produces income through the Google Adsense program, so clients don’t have to pursue a record.

How to see a private Instagram account utilising picuki?

Is it conceivable to see private Instagram accounts utilising picuki? Truly, one of the disheartening drawbacks of Cookie is that it doesn’t uphold seeing confidential Instagram accounts. So no, you can’t see private Instagram accounts utilising Picuki.

To see a confidential Instagram account, you might have to change to an option Instagram watcher application called Picuki that upholds private Instagram accounts.


What can I download using Picuki?

Photos or stories from any public Instagram profile.

In what record design are the accounts downloaded?

Video stories are downloaded in MP4 organisation and photograph stories are downloaded in JPEG design.

Might I at any point download stories from another person’s record?

Indeed, you can download stories with Picuki as long as the mentioned account is private.

Does Picuki possess Instagram?

No, Picuki is a site that permits clients to peruse Instagram namelessly without signing in. In any case, this isn’t a connection or subsidiary with Instagram.