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Why Getting A Premade Logo For Your Business Is A Bad Idea?

Why Getting A Premade Logo For Your Business Is A Bad Idea?

If you’re just starting your first business, building a logo for your company is probably one of those essential things you aren’t giving proper attention to. You may think that a logo is just a picture and that you have more urgent tasks. If you are thinking of choosing a premade logo for your business, it will be one of the worst things you will do for your logo needs. Let us explain to you why down below.

For a better understanding, here is a basic definition to know and understand the premade logo.

What is a premade logo?

Premade logos are designed in bulk with no specific business or company in mind; they are simply made available online so that people can purchase or use them if they find them acceptable. They’re usually available at low costs and can be used right away, which is one of the main reasons for their appeal to some businesses. However, premade logos fail to give you or your exclusive business rights. 

No meaningful approach

A logo is the first introduction of your company to your potential clients, so it must be very thoughtful and meaningful. Premade logos are typically very general in appearance and don’t reflect any specific set of design philosophies or values. Since they’re not produced with any specific goal or company in mind, it is expected. On the other hand, when you get your logo designed by a professional logo design services company, they do thorough research about your business and then design the logo. The logo you get as a result is exclusively designed for your business and has a thoughtful design. The text, design, and colour reflect the background and nature of the work of your company. 

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Compromised quality

A company’s logo should be very versatile and have good quality as you have to use it in many different sizes. If you get a premade logo, there is a strong probability you will get one with compromised quality. No matter how beautiful and attractive it looks, it will be useless if the pixels burst when you enlarge it to put it on a billboard. Similarly, when you minimise it to paste on small packaging, and it becomes unreadable, you will be left helpless. If you don’t want to face these situations in the future, it is better not to look for a pre-designed logo. Instead, you should look for a creative logo design company and get a high-quality logo designed for your company. 

Legal issues

Ownership of a pre-designed logo can turn out to be a complex issue as different companies operate with different legalities when it comes to selling premade logos. Some platforms that offer this service may be stealing logos from artists and selling them to others. If you happen to be just such a company that unintentionally buys a stolen logo, it can cost you serious trouble, and you will have to spend a huge amount of money in legal fees to sort out the issue if the artist sues you. 

Bottom line

Initially, premade logos may seem like an easy way to cut the cost of logo designing, but doing so can cost you a lot more. From making your brand seem ordinary to potentially landing you in a mess of legal issues, it is just far better and safer to hire a good professional logo design company like Wise Logo Design to provide you with the best logo that your company deserves. We provide our services of logo designing in Chester, Birmingham, London, and all other cities of the UK. Moreover, our services are extended worldwide, so don’t hesitate and contact us now for the best logo for your business. 

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