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Quick Cellphone Repairs that You Can Do by Yourself

Every smartphone user cares about reliability and not facing problems more than about getting new features. Unfortunately, smartphones aren’t perfect and can develop problems unexpectedly if not from day one. Whether it is slow charging, connectivity issues, or crashing and freezing apps, all of them are equally bothersome. Especially since our phones are an integral part of our life.

While some brands have better quality assurances than others, all of them receive complaints from users about issues. Search for “cellphone repairs near me” if you want a technician outside of your company.  Below are the most common hardware problems faced by phone users and how you can solve them.


Overheating is a very common problem faced by phone users and there are many things that can be the cause of it. This includes faulty construction, hot weather, cable, incompatible charger, internal damage, and more. 

You may already know that overheating damages the health of the battery reducing its full capacity, and eventually draining the battery quickly. In rare cases, your phone can swell and even injure you. Follow the tips below so this doesn’t happen:

  • Don’t use your phone while it is charging.
  • Don’t use your phone in hot weather.
  • Use the charger and cable you got from your phone company.
  • Avoid playing graphic-intensive games your phone is not equipped to handle.
  • Replace the damaged battery with a new one.

Connectivity Issues

Whether you have a budget phone or a flagship, you will face connectivity issues at one point or another. This could mean you won’t be able to send SMS messages, make calls, or connect your earbuds, or smartwatch to your phone through Bluetooth. Let’s look at each of the problems and solve it:

  • If you are unable to make calls or send SMS messages, it means your phone doesn’t have service. To solve this, turn on Airplane mode for 60 second and turn it back off. If the issue is still not solved, go to Settings, then Connections, and then SIM Card Manager and disable your SIM card and enable it again.
  • If your WiFi is not working, go to Settings, then Connections, and then WiFi. Tap the Settings icon beside your network and tap Forget It. Tap the network again, type in your password, and tap connect. If you are still facing the problem, you may need to reboot or reset your router.
  • If you can’t connect your wireless earbuds, smartwatch, or other Bluetooth accessories to your phone, go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth and tap the settings icon beside it. Tap unpair and pair the device again.
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Unresponsive Or Flickering Screen

Usually, a reboot fixes almost all display-related issues like unresponsive or flickering screens. But, don’t worry, rebooting doesn’t erase any data. This only happens if you opt for a factory reset. 

To reboot, press and hold your power button until your phone restarts. This can take around 20 to 30 seconds so don’t worry if nothing happens in the first few seconds. If you have a Samsung phone, press the volume down key and the Power key for a quick reboot.

You can also opt for other solutions to fix flickering displays. But a worst-case scenario is you may end up downloading malware that will kill your device instantly. So, if the issue persists, visit the affordable and appropriate shop to repair cell phone near State College, PA.

Crashing Apps, Or Phone Freezing

There are various reasons why apps crash or freeze when your phone launches. For example, if the device is really old, its hardware could be failing. Until that time, you should buy a new phone.

Apps can also crash if they don’t have the necessary permissions to work properly. For example, a navigation app can’t work without accessing your location. Your phone can also freeze if there is no internal storage. In this case, free up some space to ensure the OS has space to work smoothly.

Swollen Battery, Broken Screen, And Other Hardware Issues

There are many other hardware defects that we won’t discuss because there’s usually nothing you can do to fix them other than searching for cellphone repairs near me and going there. For example, the only solution to a swollen battery is replacing it with a new battery. It’s the same for a broken screen, speaker, or microphone.

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If you have a Samsung phone, you can run a full diagnostic test to see what’s wrong with it. When you do this, all important hardware and software elements are checked and you can diagnose the overall condition of your device.


You can resolve some hardware issues by yourself, while others require professional help for cell phone repair near State College, PA. If your phone is not in a condition to be repaired, you may have to buy a new mobile phone. Our recommendation is that make it a habit to maintain your phone. Smartphones need the same level of maintenance as laptops and desktop PCs. If maintained properly, they will naturally last a long time.