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Salesforce Communities has transformed the way businesses can stay connected with their customers, partners, and employees. Industry-relevant communities can be created to help companies meet customer needs and requirements, enabling improved information sharing. Businesses can benefit significantly by reducing the cost of maintaining customer connections with the help of Salesforce communities. However, customer retention can also be improved by prioritizing understanding the needs and requirements of the customers that contribute to the success Salesforce Beratung of the business.

This article covers the process to follow to successfully implement Salesforce Communities.

Enable Salesforce Communities

This is one of the most important steps to take to ensure a successful implementation of Salesforce Communities. Organizations must first check if a community license is available. To do this, select the Setup tab, then Company Profile > Company Information. Check the licenses listed at the bottom of the page. If the Communities license is found to be available for your organization, click Customize > Communities > Settings and select the Enable Communities option. A unique domain name and URL must be chosen for the Salesforce Communities by confirming availability if the similar name is used by other companies.

Creation of the Salesforce community

Creating a Salesforce community is the secondary procedure. The community name must be entered in the name column and the description must be entered in the description column. In the URL input box, the custom URL should be entered. Once the details are filled in and completed, the ‘Create’ tab should be selected. The preview page would then be made visible to the companies which could only be viewed by the admins. All remaining edits can be done in preview mode itself.

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Member access

Select the member profiles that companies want to include in Salesforce Communities. The defined permission sets would allow specific categories of employees access to each community.

Content supplement

From the menu, select the appropriate tab that best fits the community. However, the tab does not include the Chatter tab, which is the default landing page that appears automatically when none of the tabs are selected.


Businesses can upload the logo, insert the tag line into the header and footer tabs along with the correct color choices, thereby incorporating the company’s branding into the Salesforce community page.

Customize the login page

Advanced customization is possible with this page type. This can be achieved by allowing customers easy login via Facebook or self-registration.

Configure email

Generic email addresses, company addresses, and branding elements can be included in the email message footer, allowing businesses to easily customize the email setup for their communities. Once this is done, this page can be considered complete.


Select the option that would help users move from the community setup page to the Salesforce Communities page and check the availability of the items as per the needs and requirements of the companies.


Get the feedback from managers and leaders in the company before you publish it by sharing the preview.


The feedback should be considered when implementing future changes. After the changes have been incorporated according to the feedback, the “Publish” option must be selected. After that, the communities are considered successfully implemented.


Why should you choose Salesforce?

Salesforce – what is it?

Do you have a clear idea of what Salesforce is or what it does? Well, Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software that helps companies streamline all disparate business processes and grow in a more organized way. It has been available on the market since the late 90’s and over time it has become one of the most comprehensive, effective and creative CRM solutions that can meet all your business needs.

Reasons to choose Salesforce

Here is a list of the compelling reasons why this CRM solution is so popular these days and why it deserves your attention and attention.

Cloud based

In terms of flexibility, Salesforce gives you next-level benefits. Use it from anywhere, anytime! The advanced and secure cloud infrastructure of this CRM offers unique cloud solutions for marketing, sales, analytics and support.

Easily customizable

Would you like to add additional fields or modules to your CRM solution as your business grows? You can easily do all these things with just a simple click!

Easy to use

Wondering how to work with this new CRM? Well, working with Salesforce is as easy as visiting a website! Easily log in from anywhere, communicate with your colleagues, update and view customer data at any time. Yes, it’s that easy to use.

Multi-tenant platform

One of the biggest benefits of using this CRM platform is getting the latest features with seamless, automatic upgrades three times a year. All Salesforce users share the same instance and infrastructure of CRM software. Because of this, all users receive simultaneous and automatic updates while all data on them is backed up.

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Efficient reporting

Powerful reporting tools are available to you on this platform. These tools not only help you save money and time, but also help you get detailed business analysis. You can customize the reports. In addition, you get the possibilities of real-time analysis and reports as well as contract management.

AppExchange ecosystem

This is one of the business-focused benefits you can leverage with Salesforce. You can use it to develop and market your own Salesforce Beratung application. Even more interesting, you get access to a handful of secured, verified, and useful integrations and apps built by fellow Salesforce users.

Integration options

This CRM platform offers a well-documented and robust open API with which any virtual integration is possible.

Apart from all the key points mentioned above, with Salesforce you can get the support of a diverse community and take advantage of mobile CRM which is very trending and one of the main requirements of most developing businesses. Get a trusted Salesforce partner and start powering your business today!