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Tips for Ob-Gyn & Gynecology Billing Services

Tips for Ob-Gyn & Gynecology Billing Services

Issues Facing by Medical OB-GYN Specialists 

Since 2014 there are some medical billing and coding difficulties are facing by many Ob-Gyn specialties. The main reason is Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and the Medicare code changes. These changes include the following; clarification of who should be billing discharge-day management, interprofessional telephone, and internet consultations addition, and the new codes for forbidding embolization and laparoscopic ablation of forbid.

CPT Codes Changes 

  • Changes in CPT in 2014 also include a new laboratory code that captures the work of noninvasive prenatal DNA harmony test  
  • CPT introduces another code to test for Trichomonas vaginal
  • The anogenital examination code was revised

Some changes are made by Medicare. The changes in practice expense RVUs (Relative Value Units) and geographic payment adjuster values are expected to have an impact on the services frequently used by Ob-Gyn specialists in Gynecology Billing Services.


To ensure timely reimbursements here are a few tips which Ob-Gyn specialists need to follow

  • While using the billing code 646 the Ob-Gyn coders should need to be active because if they use it or 648. Then they will be required to explain the reason for assigning the code with additional ICD-9 codes. These codes provide less information in making payments and also, and they are quite generic.
  • In the case of twin-baby delivery, billing should be accurate for both of the babies. It depends on the type of delivery; medical billing codes would be different for two babies.
  • Diagnosis codes between ICD-9 should range between 640-678 numbers as these are the only acceptable codes for maternity code globally
  • Global delivery must be done in the right manner. For the third- and fourth-degree lacerations use Modifier 22 if the surgical work was performed.
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Changes ICD-10 Bring

In the Ob-gyn and gynecology medical billing, ICD-10 has brought a few significant changes. For physicians, it has become important to incorporate ICD-10-CM information into their documentation. Then the coders can assign the appropriate codes.

The manual ICD-10 require coders to report specific trimester of a patient’s pregnancy. If the significant number of days and weeks document by the physicians then the coders can use that information to calculate the trimester on their own.

Complications Affecting the Ob-Gyn Revenue Collection

Below are the few complications that are affecting the revenue of Ob-Gyn specialists who are performing the ob-gyn and gynecology billing services.

  • The procedure of Patient Collection
  • Multiple procedure rules
  • Broken Global
  • Pregnancy Coverage
  • Complexities of Diagnostic Tests

There are so many forms that need to be filled in Obgyn and Gynecology Billing Services which means even a small error can cause a denial claim. In Obgyn and gynecology billing services there are so many ins and outs. In Obgyn and Gynecology billing services only an efficient biller is hired by the medical billing companies for ensuring timely patients.

Outsourcing Obgyn and Gynecology billings services is also an excellent solution for practices that are already dealing with unskilled staff and resources. Ob/Gyn is the most sensitive medical practice in ob-gyn and gynecology billing services the billers need to be very efficient and bill accurately without any errors because one single mistake can cause the denial of claims and it affects the revenue of the physician.

For offices that already have unskilled staff and resources, outsourcing obstetrics and gynecology billing services is a great option. Ob/Gyn is the most delicate medical field, and those who provide ob-gyn and gynecology billing services must be extremely effective and error-free because even one mistake can result in a claim being denied and have an impact on the physician’s income.

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Monitor and Review Claims Data 

Ob/Gyn providers can get benefits from reviewing and monitoring the ob-gyn claims data. Those data can help the providers identify the trends and areas for improvement in their ob-gyn and gynecology billing and coding. This can help to optimize payments and to identify any potential issues that are affecting reimbursement.

Stay UpToDate With the Coding and Billing Guidelines 

Obgyn and gynecology billing services are a bit complex with a wide range of codes and guidelines that need to be followed to make sure about accurate reimbursements. For the Ob-Gyn providers, it’s compulsory to stay informed about the latest coding and billing guidelines and also make sure that their documentation and billing practices comply.

Using Electronic Health Records (EHR) 

EHR helps to streamline the billing and coding process and to improve the accuracy of documentation. By implementing an EHR system Ob/Gyn providers can improve their efficiency to make payments.  

Using Modifiers Appropriately 

Modifier coders are used to indicating that the service was provided in addition to the primary service or that the service was provided in a different setting. Using the modifiers appropriately can help to ensure that OB/GYN providers are reimbursed for the full range of services they provide.

Concern with a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

Partnering with medical billing and coding specialist can be very beneficial for OB/GYN providers to optimize their payments by ensuring that their billing and coding practices are accurate and compliance. 


Ob-Gyn and gynecology billing issues have plagued Ob-Gyn specialists since 2014, owing to changes in Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and Medicare codes. Some changes are also made by Medicare. Stay here for a few minutes to learn about the few tips that Ob-Gyn specialists need.

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