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Blue World City Islamabad

Top Six Reasons To Invest In Blue World City

Due to the prevalence of fraud in the real estate sector, the Pakistani real estate investor community is concerned about a number of factors while making real estate investments there, including location and legal standing. Pakistan’s real estate market has experienced tremendous growth over the past ten years, attracting both domestic and foreign investors. The investor community in Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis are aggressively investing their hard-earned money in Pakistan’s real estate business, particularly in the Islamabad market segment, since real estate investments are still seen as the most lucrative and tangible type of investment. One of the large real estate developments in the capital city of Islamabad is called Blue World City. Let’s get to know the reasons to invest in this housing society. 

Why Invest In Blue World City?

The article below will outline the major reasons that make Blue World City a worth investing society in Islamabad. You should consider that these are only a few reasons, but it does not mean that the reasons will end here. There are many more, but we will only discuss the most important one. So, let’s begin:

BWC Location 

An impending housing development called Blue World City is situated in a prime area of Chakri Road in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city. Through the Thalian Interchange, this residential area would be connected to Rawalpindi and the highway.

The fact that this residential area is close to the CPEC route is another aspect of Blue World City location, adding to its value and allure. This gated society, which is being built as part of a Pakistan-China friendship project, is just 15 minutes drive from the New Islamabad International Airport.

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Safe & Secure Community

Islamabad’s future residential and tourism destination is being planned as the safest and most secure gated community. Blue World City owners & developers will complete it with 24-hour CCTV camera surveillance, patrols, and a ready Rapid Action Team.

Blue World City Affordability

Blue Group of Companies BGCs, under the supervision of Mr. Saad Nazir, is creating the opulent gated community of Blue World City. This residential project, which is slated to become Pakistan’s first tourism destination, provides all the services and conveniences its occupants could possibly need and does so at a fair price. You did hear correctly. To give the working class a chance to spend their hard-earned money in their dream homes, the project’s creators created and designed the payment and installment plans in an accessible way.

Blue world city payment plan offers the chance to investors to choose the installment plan that suits their needs. If they are interested in investing in low-cost plots, the developers have designed special blocks for them. It means that even lower-income investors can invest in society. 

Availability of Basic Amenities

As is well known, Blue World City is being developed as a top-notch tourist attraction, complete with exact reproductions of world-famous structures and architectural wonders. As a result, the inhabitants and investors are provided with all the necessary conveniences as well as cheap entertainment options. Blue World City features the following amenities and facilities:

  • An underground network of electricity transmission
  • Wide carpeted roads
  • Water theme park
  • Water filtration plants
  • Night safari zoo
  • Easy supply of electricity, water, and gas
  • Medical facilities and fitness centers
  • Around-the-clock security
  • State-of-the-art community centers and commercial hub
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These are just the basic facilities that are required to live in a residential community. In addition to these, more advanced and luxurious facilities are available in society that actually grabs the attention of investors. 

Replicas of Eminent LandMarks

As far as we are aware, the BWC residential project is Pakistan’s first purpose-built tourist city. In addition, it is the first real estate project to be constructed in partnership with Chinese investors as part of the Pakistan-China friendship. This project is, therefore, an architectural wonder from top to bottom.

With a height of 125 feet, the well-known horse mascots of BWC are thought to be the tallest in the entire world. The Blue World City master plan also includes replicas of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, and a water theme park.

Moreover, in the various blocks of the Blue World City, you will find:

  • Largest Cricket Stadium
  • Mercury Tower
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Villaggio Mall
  • Rumi Square
  • Torch Hotel and many more. 

Accomplish Your Investment Goals

This real estate project is currently being developed; therefore, the investment is modest if you are an investor with long and medium-term investment goals. BWC Islamabad is the greatest chance for you. The return on investment will multiply once the project is finished. Also, it will be a huge hit not only in Pakistan’s real estate industry but around the globe. Also, after the approval of blue world city NOC, it has become the talk of the town. 

As professional real estate consultants, we always suggest that investors consult with reliable retailers before making any choice about BWC, Rudn Enclave, or any other housing society. Sapphire Properties and many others like this have served the property market for several years. 

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End Note

Blue World City is a residential community with modern homes, ideally in the capital of Islamabad. It is the first purpose-built smart tourism city in Pakistan. Real estate professionals predict that the return on investment will improve significantly once the project is finished.