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UK News: Is Education Quality Declining?

UK News: Is Education Quality Declining?

Education In Britain Is Failing On Every Level – Shocking Regional Disparities Have Been Uncovered:

Nottinghamshire primary school reports 50% of its reception and nursery pupils are not toilet trained and some children arrive at school unable to pronounce their own names. According to The Times Education Commission, British education systems “fail on every measure” and 60% of parents believe schools fail to prepare students for work. While the pandemic impacted young people’s mental health and created a wider disadvantage gap, the commission said the flaws predate the epidemic. In addition to two former prime ministers and 13 former education secretaries, the project was chaired by Times columnist Rachel Sylvester. It recommended in this blog that schools employ counsellors and provide laptops and tablets to every student.

Additionally, teachers were called upon to receive more training on how to identify special education students.

Education Standard At The University Level:

A culture of rack ’em, pack ’em, stack ’em is eroding university standards, according to an article published today. An increase in the number of students admitted to courses leads nearly a third of academics to believe quality is being compromised. In addition, almost four in ten lecturers claim that they are encouraged to inflate results so more top degrees are awarded. Universities are claimed to benefit from the move because it helps them climb league tables that give credit for producing more first- and upper-second-class graduates. Times Higher Education magazine surveyed more than 1,000 academics and revealed the information.

In An Attempt To Boost Funding,

Senior managers encouraged a culture of rack ’em, pack ’em, stack ’em,’ according to an academic at one university. According to the scholar, managers encouraged “unethical and immoral hiring practices” at his university in the south of England. It was claimed by another academic that science degree students are scarcely numerate and do not always leave university much better off. Recent government reforms intended to increase access to higher education have raised concerns over the effects of previous admissions controls being lifted.

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As A Result Of The Reforms,

The number of students at many universities has grown dramatically. Because of limited space in halls of residence, students at some universities are forced to share single rooms or stay in bed and breakfast accommodations.

  • A decade ago, only 28,635 students graduated with a first degree; last year, 69,625 (18.4%) did, compared with 69,625 (11.4%).
  • Approximately 256,990 students (68 percent) received at least a 2:1 last year.
  • 38% of academics in the Times Higher survey say they have been under increasing pressure in recent years to give better grades.
  • As a result of maintaining or boosting student numbers, 32 percent of students believe their university has compromised their quality.

Science lecturer at a new university said: “It is not practical to have 50% of students graduate with firsts or upper-seconds.”. Approximately ten percent of the population was involved forty years ago. It is not openly admitted by senior management, but frontline employees more or less passively accept it.

“Academic standards are slipping” and marking is “not hard enough” according to a professor at a leading Russell Group university. It is too common for students to receive a first grade; 33 percent of students in my subject are getting a first grade.

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