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Blue Gorgeous Wrap Shawl

Varieties Of Shawls To Wear With Blue Dresses

Electric blue pants are very trendy but you may wonder how to wear them and what color combination to make with Blue Gorgeous Wrap Shawl. In this OneHowTo article we give you some advice on what colors to combine with electric blue trousers.

The White

One of the most classic options when it comes to combining electric blue pants is white . It’s a safe bet! The white will highlight the blue even more.


Another classic possibility to combine with electric blue is to opt for black , a classic and elegant option, and which can also give more flexibility. Add a few accessories to complete your look and you will be wonderful!

Gray Or Beige

Another of the less risky options, and therefore the safest, is to combine electric blue colored pants with a gray or beige t-shirt or blouse . In the case of fairly neutral colors, blue will be favored


You can achieve a more contrasting look by combining your electric blue pants with a mustard-colored top .

The Walleye

Following the same range, you can also choose a blouse, shirt, etc. Golden. This color is recommended especially for evening looks , providing a touch of shine that will cause a stir.

Pink Or Fuchsia

Pink or fuchsia are also two good combinations for electric blue, as you will get a nice contrast between two strong tones.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is the fashion of dressing with blocks of colors, without patterns and usually very contrasting between them. In this way, you can combine your electric blue pants with yellow , apple green , orange , etc.

The Prints

Likewise, you can also opt for clothes with prints to combine with your electric blue pants. For example, a navy or sailor style t-shirt can be great, or even some floral prints.

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Shoes Wear With An Electric Blue Dress

Have you bought yourself a beautiful electric blue dress and you don’t know what shoes to wear with it? Don’t worry because you are not the only one in this case! Often we fall in love with clothes with eccentric colors and then we don’t know what accessories to wear them with. This is often the case with electric blue dresses, the choice of shoes will make the rest of the complementary elements determine the success or failure of the garment. In this OneHowTo article, we provide details on choosing which shoes to wear with an electric blue dress.


Nude or skin color is one of the colors that go best with electric blue dresses. With a pair of shoes in this color you will be able to make your dress stand out even more and make it the real protagonist of your outfit.


Another good option to wear with an electric blue dress are black shoes . You will get a spectacular result thanks to the contrast of the two colors. Do not choose shoes with embellishments, but rather a simple pair of shoes that will style your legs and that you can wear on many other occasions.


An electric blue dress goes very well with silver shoes because they will give it a unique shine. But you will have to make sure that they are not excessively shiny and do not have ornaments, because then you will get the opposite effect. The more tenuous silver tones, which approach gray, are the best option.


Although some say that gold shoes are not the best for electric blue dresses, if chosen well, they go wonderfully with it. In the same way as with the silver color, with the gold color it will be necessary to find an appropriate tone so that the contrast is not excessive and the result is not disastrous.

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Never wear an electric blue dress with blue shoes.

Choose the shoes that best suit your style, although heels will always enhance your figure.

Opt for a handbag that matches the shoes.

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