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What if my Orbi RBK12 router login is not working?

What if my Orbi RBK12 router login is not working?

It looks like you are facing routerlogin.net not working and login issues. If yes, then go through your wired Ethernet cable connections. If you are not on a wired Ethernet connection, you cannot access the login page. Although you can go through the wireless Wi-Fi network to configure your Orbi RBK12 router, it will create many login issues. We have given some essential measures for the Orbi login in the following article.

  1. Make sure your Orbi RBK12 router has hooked to an electric outlet. 
  2. Put your Orbi setup device in the Wi-Fi range of your wireless router. 
  3. The client devices connected to the network should work with it.
  4. After that, open the web GUI of your router using the IP address
  5. If it asks for the email address and password, type the details in the required fields. 
  6. It is necessary to set up your Orbi setup account.
  7. If you need your default Netgear password to create an account, provide ADMIN as the username and PASSWORD as the password of your router.
  8. If the default password fails and you face routerlogin.net, not working issues, use the default password and username. 
  9. If nothing works, reset your Orbi RBK12 router to its default factory configurations. 
  10. Reset will bring all your default Netgear passwords and other configurations.

Advanced troubleshooting steps to access the Orbi router login page

In these advanced troubleshooting steps, we will update the firmware of your Orbi setup RBK12 and learn to reset it to factory default configurations. Here we 

1. Reset your router if routerlogin.net not working

If you still cannot access the user interface of your Orbi RBK12 router, try another method. If nothing works and you are not getting access to your Orbi router login page, try a reset. The reset will work. You need to reset your Wi-Fi router to the default factory settings. 

  1. The Orbi RBK12 router reset process is simple. Click on the reset button at the bottom of your router.
  2. You should press and hold down this small button for approximately 20 seconds. 
  3. You may use a toothpick or a paper clip to press and hold the reset button on your router. 
  4. Your Orbi setup will be restored to the default factory settings after a few seconds. 
  5. Keep in mind when you reset your, you will lose your connection and become offline. 
  6. It is, therefore, better to take an expert’s guidance and assistance in this regard. 
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Note: – If you do not possess enough information, get help from a person who has all the knowledge about this topic.

2. Follow the Orbi Firmware Update: RBK12 router

  1. Firstly, visit any official Orbi router login site, like routerlogin.net. 
  2. And then, download and install the latest Orbi firmware update file.
  3. Type the model number or the serial number of your router. 
  4. And then, hit enter to get the required firmware file.
  5. After getting the required Orbi firmware file, unzip and save it to your computer. 
  6. You can also save it on another configuration device attached to the Orbi router login network.
  7. Visit Orbilogin.net through your internet browser to get into the software of your RBK12 login page.
  8. Enter routerlogin.net or the IP address into the Addy, and hit enter.
  9. Enter the default Netgear password and username to get the user interface panel.

Go to the advanced tab. Then system tools, and then the firmware upgrade. Hit the upgrade button. Search or browser to locate and install the latest Orbi firmware update. If you have further doubts or queries, call our customer care experts. Our technical team will provide you with instant help.