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What Is A Tautliner Trailer?

For the transport of large quantities of goods, there are Pickup Truck Rental Services Dubai are available. it is important to choose the right trailer. If there are several body types according to their sizes and capacities, the tautliner trailer stands out thanks to its unloading time. If you want to know more about this large capacity trailer, read this article.

Description Of A Tautliner Trailer

A tautliner trailer is a heavy vehicle whose trailer has a removable tarpaulin. This type of truck is often reserved for transporting goods in large quantities.

The tarpaulin opening system is generally based on sliding curtains which move on wheels located on the upper grooves of the structure. The entire structure is held to the frame by rigid stretched straps.

Thanks to this system, the trailer can be loaded or unloaded over its entire length. It is the side loading to the forklift. But it can also be loaded from above on the traveling crane or from the rear of the trailer.

The tautliner trailer has a hard-shell roof, a solid front bulkhead and conventional rear doors. It is the curtains on both sides that are retractable and removable as desired.

The tautliner offers the same transport security as any other utility trailer. However, it offers more access, and therefore savings in loading-unloading time and money.

The Uses Of A Tautliner Trailer

The fact that the sides of the trailer are flexible offers a lot of possibilities when it comes to its use. It is used both for the transport of goods in general and for large goods such as cars or boats.

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The tautliner trailer is designed to be tough and strong. They are therefore most frequently used to transport very heavy objects (heavy machinery, car, helicopter, boat, small plane, etc.).
The tautliner trailer can also transport any prescribed industrial waste, and even hazardous waste. However, the heavy vehicle must meet the safety requirements of the Environmental Protection Regulations.

By combining them with new display technologies, the sliding curtains or the tarpaulins of the tautliner trailer can serve as mobile advertising panels. Setting up a curtain side with horizontal seams and curtain fastening straps at the bottom helps maximize space. So you can add more high resolution graphics for advertisements.

Features And Characteristics Of A Tautliner Trailer

The tautliner trailer has several features that it uses to maximize its capacity.

First, the large rigid door provides access to objects in the back of the truck.

The two removable curtain sides of the trailer can destabilize its weight. Fortunately, there are two aluminum corner posts at the front and rear of the truck. This gives it structural integrity.

The floor of the tautliner trailer is laminated hardwood and the floor supports are steel. On the roof, the deep aluminum rails give it rigidity.

Although the curtains of the truck are removable and changeable at any time, they must respect certain criteria. They should be made of PVC coated polyester fabrics so that they last longer.
These curtains are then attached to the truck’s tie rails with pocket straps. They are then stretched in length by turnbuckles. The pockets in the straps make it possible to delay their wear as much as possible. It should also be noted that these straps can support up to 1,500 kg of load.

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While the rollers make it easier to put the curtains in place, the two sides can also be lifted with the lifting poles of the truck. To do this, you need to attach the lifting poles to the curtain side track. Do not forget that these posts are movable along the sides of the truck.

In terms of mechanical characteristics, tautliner trucks have very powerful, turbocharged six-cylinder diesel engines. They have power steering with ABS braking technology. The tautliner trailer has wide tires that provide stability and fuel economy.

The Advantages Of A Tautliner Trailer

The fact that the curtain sides are flexible might make you think that the tautliner trailer is not very strong. Yet these two sides are both rigid and flexible. Added to a very strong rear door design, the entire length and width of the truck can support maximum payload.

Without forgetting that the full access to the side and rear faces allows rapid loading and unloading of goods without a determined plan of first entry or priority location.

As the rear structure is mainly made of aluminum, the body is very light. This increases the maximum capacity supported by the trailer. Under the frame and along the entire length of the floor, there are clips that serve as supports to properly position the goods.

Despite all these advantages, the tautliner trailer also has some disadvantages. For example, the straps wear out very quickly despite the existence of the pockets, this is also the case for the sliding posts. Aluminum is certainly light, but it is also very fragile. So you need to take care of it as much as possible.

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We are  also providing  increased safety for cargo loading and unloading services, whether in bad weather or in other unforeseen situations.