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Airport Taxi near me

What is the Job of a Taxi Driver?

The main job of a taxi driver is to pick up passengers and transport them safely to their destinations.

We go to customers who are called by radio, wait for customers at hotels, hospitals, stations, etc. and look for people who are likely to ride, and sometimes look for customers while running.

Driver’s Daily Schedule

Now that he knows what kind of job an Airport Taxi near me does, let’s take a look at his specific work schedule, and how he spends the day.

With the following schedule, I work in either day shift, night shift, or alternate day shift.

《1》Vehicle inspection and driver health check

After coming to work, vehicle inspection and individual health checks will be conducted.

《2》Assembly/roll call

Everyone gathers and reconfirms the roll call, safety operation and attention to customer service, and the taxi is dispatched.

《3》Commencement of business

We head to business districts and downtown areas to look for customers.


It is decided to take a break for about 3 hours in a day’s work.

When to take a meal or take a break depends on how you organize your work for the day.

《5》Business resumption

We will do our business while making various ingenuity to increase the occupancy rate.

《6》Returning to the garage/car wash

Return to the company and wash the car for the next driver.

《7》Payment and leaving

The office When you return to the office, pay the sales for the day and leave the office.

How to make money as a taxi driver?

How much Can you Earn in the First place?

Taxi drivers are generally paid on a full (or partial) commission basis.

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In other words, instead of getting a fixed salary for going to work every month, your income will change depending on how many customers you pick up. According to the 2015

Survey of Taxi Driver Wages and Working Hours by the National Hire-Taxi Federation , the annual salary (estimate) for male drivers is 3,097,60 pound, and the monthly salary is 239,30 pound. Pound. Dividing this by the monthly average of 13 crew days, the daily income is around 20,000 pound. On the other hand, in the taxi industry, it is generally said that the daily sales target is 40,00 to 50,00 pound. If you make 40,00 pound and work for 13 days, your estimated monthly income will be 520,00 pound.

How to Earn as a Taxi Driver?

A taxi driver’s job where income changes depending on how many customers you pick up. Due to this work style, which is similar to self-employment, the key to earning more is how efficiently we can get customers Tunbridge wells Hospital Taxi to ride. So, finally, here are some tips on how to make money as a taxi driver.《The basics are information gathering and practice! 》 Let’s learn the secret from seniors at work and put it into practice. Until you find your own rules, it’s effective to actively try to imitate someone who is good at it.

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