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Your ULTIMATE Guide to Writing a SOLID Cause & Effect Essay

Essay writing – sounds familiar? Throughout your academic journey, you have to write countless essays on an nth number of topics trying to persuade the readers of your understanding of the topic. And to do so, you adopt different writing approaches and strategies to reach your writing goal.

As a student, you must work on different types of essays, one of which is the cause and effect essay. Such assignments help readers explore the primary causes of an issue and its possible consequences.

Writing cause and effect do my assignment students demonstrate their critical thinking abilities in building strong cause-effect thinking. The writer should use a formal and neutral tone, concrete facts, and research material to support the reasoning.


According to a professional essay assignment writer, a good cause and effect are always clearly structured so that it’s easy to follow by the readers. Hence, you must devise a proper structure before you start with your cause and effect essay.

Generally, such essays consist of the obvious parts: introduction, body and conclusion. However, the number of body paragraphs will likely vary depending on the requirements. Nonetheless, here’s what a basic outline looks like:

  • Introduction
  • Body

Problem 1

  • Cause
  • Effect

Problem 2

  • Cause 1
  • Effect 1

Problem 3

  • Cause 1
  • Effect 1
  • Conclusion



The introductory paragraph of the essay assignment helps to introduce the topic to its readers. It is the foundation of your entire paper, should be short and precise, and must include a hook to draw your readers’ attention.

Once the hook element is in place, outline the important details of your essay topic and develop a strong thesis statement. Remember that every claim you make in your paper should be relevant to your thesis statement.

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Body Paragraphs (Causes)

Ideally, the body paragraphs should list the different causes of the issue. It will not only improve the strength of your argument but also highlight your effort in analysing the problem from varied angles.

While writing, make sure every paragraph focuses on one specific idea to help your readers follow the causes distinctively. So, each body paragraph should be of the following format:

  • Topic sentence
  • Evidence
  • Support
  • Concluding sentence

Body Paragraphs (Effects)

When writing about the effects of the causes, develop a logical connection between each of the causes while keeping your claims coherent and easy to follow.

Always introduce the effect of a specific cause in a topic sentence. Remember to cite the used sources while abiding by the given referencing style. Also, adding comments to explain your evidence while discussing your viewpoint on the issue is imperative.


The concluding paragraph is the final leg, restating the thesis. The aim of repeating the thesis statement is to remind the readers of your stand of argument. So you should rephrase the thesis statement without changing the actual meaning.

The conclusion of your cause and effect essay should also include the main points from the body paragraphs. Hence, pick out the key findings and summarise them into a small paragraph for a quick and easy read.

Important Tips To Remember

Writing an essay may sound daunting and tedious when you are short-skilled or running against the clock. But your essay should demonstrate critical thinking, dedication, and self-organisation, so rushing is not an option.

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Sounds hectic? Well, successfully composing a quality cause and effect essay does not have to be drilling if you plan and organise well. In addition to being organised and focused, follow these helpful tips to make the process a cakewalk.

  • Brainstorm suitable cause and effect essay topics, preferably from your area of interest. It could be social movements, natural phenomena, cultural ideas or the like. That way, you will get interested in the task and can successfully analyse the relationship between cause and effect.
  • Aim to create a strong thesis statement for your essay. A cause and effect essay thesis generally focuses on the relationship between the identified cause and effect, which you will explore in your write-up.
  • Stick to the standard thumb rule of writing a cause and effect essay, which is to:
  • Research the primary essay topic
  • Develop a strong thesis statement
  • Divide and structure the key causes and effects
  • Introduce the primary issue and its impact
  • Compose relevant topic sentences
  • Conclude the paper by summing things up
  • Divide the core causes and effects into separate paragraphs to explore each of them from different angles. Typically, students keep around 2-5 body paragraphs to demonstrate the core ideas and cover the pros and cons of the effects.                                                                                        
  • Start with the first draft as early as possible so that you can devote enough time to develop the essay. Make sure to maintain a logical flow of different ideas using proper transitional words and phrases and topic sentences supporting your essay’s thesis.
  • When your first draft is ready, review the essay to check if the main viewpoint of your essay is clear, logical and convincing. Also, check if the examples you used to demonstrate the cause and effect relationship are relevant and accurately cited.
  • After reviewing your first draft, make the necessary corrections and work on the final draft. Make sure everything is one point without errors, so there’s no room for unnecessary mark deductions.
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Parting Words.

The paper primarily depends on your analysis and ability to convince readers of your understanding of the analysis using concrete evidence, logical argument, and clear language. So, focus on the factors and tips and use the outline guidelines to develop a well-researched and well-written cause and effect essay.

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Susan Lee is a writing specialist who completed her Masters in English from an A-listed university in Australia. She loves writing and regularly blogs about her activities, books, movies, and lifestyle. Susan is also available at MyAssignmenthelp.com as an essay expert and offers personalised writing aid to students requesting do my coursework help.